Caffe Palladio: Jaipur

There is a lot of chinoiserie decor out there, and with such rich and complex patterning to work with the design options are endless. With that being said, Caffe Palladio, designed by Marie-Anne Oudejans, is by far our favorite example of truly engaging decor. The peachy floral walls combined with minty green striped tenting presents the perfect balance of charm and comfortable elegance. Every corner seems to hold a piece of perfection, from the craftsmanship and coloring of the bannister to the trellis pattern that lines the walls; the space evokes the feeling of a veritable birdcage (filled with social butterflies). 

While the caffe makes our head spin with visions of springtime on the french riviera, Bar Palladio provides the perfect compliment in both color and ambience; placing us squarely in a Mughal palace. White vines scroll their way up the royal blue walls, the feminine quality of which is beautifully offset by the classic chessboard patterned floor. Pops of pink and white floral carpets and cushions tie the bar's decor together with the caffe, bringing us full circle and head over heels for this most enthralling of restaurants. 

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