Menagerie Chinoiserie

Vousta has captured our heart with their Chinoiserie wallpaper, and it is anything but traditional. Instead, a water color - like floral menagerie, complete with birds and peacocks, present a modern interpretation of a chinoiserie design a la the 17th and 18th centuries. This decor captures the lush vibrance that we love about the style in a youthful, modern way.

Menagerie Chinoiserie by Voutsa 


Voutsa's motto, "the walls are alive," are clearly seen in this collection, but extend far beyond as well. Their vibrant vision and custom creations "propel hand-painted wallpaper into fresh new territory" and their commitment to quality and mobility - "no printers, no repeats, no outsourcing. Every installation is one of a kind, permanent or removable," is refreshing in it's ease and caliber... if you're willing to get a little wild with your wallpaper.

Cover Photo via: Anthropologie